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Biotechnology, CGIAR biotechnology policy, CGIAR funding deficit, CGIAR geographic priorities, CGIAR NGO Committee, CGIAR priorities, CGIAR regional commitments, CGIAR resource allocation, CGIAR System Review, CIFOR external review, CIFOR ICRAF relations, CIFOR strategic plan, Climate change, Genetic resources policy, IARC collaboration with NARS, IARC funding problems, ICRAF external review, ICRAF strategic plan, ICRISAT, IPGRI, King Baudouin Award, LAC, Livestock, Logical framework, Marginal lands, NARS capacity building, Partnerships in international agricultural research, Pigeonpea, Plant genetic resources, Poverty, Research capacity building, Research partnerships, SGRP external review, Smaller centers, TAC priorities recommendations, TAC review of center p&bs, Water management, ICWG-GR

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