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Africa, Biotechnology, CGIAR agenda, CGIAR committees, CGIAR coordination in Africa, CGIAR financial strategy, CGIAR financial policies, CGIAR funding projections, CGIAR genetic resources policy, CGIAR geographic priorities, CGIAR governance, CGIAR impact assessments, CGIAR legal entity, CGIAR management, CGIAR meeting 1998/10, CGIAR meeting 1999/05, CGIAR membership, CGIAR mission, CGIAR priorities, CGIAR private sector relations, CGIAR strategy, CGIAR System Review, CGIAR systemwide programs, Environment, Food policy, Germplasm research, GFAR, Global information needs, IARC boards, IARC consolidation, IARC governance, Partnerships in international agricultural research, Research partnerships, Research networks, NARS capacity building, Natural resource management, Women and agricultural technology, World Bank donor role

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