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African NARS, CBC, CDC, CGIAR Change Design and Management Team, CGIAR change management, CGIAR Consultative Council, CGIAR coordination in Africa, CGIAR cosponsors, CGIAR Finance Committee, CGIAR financial strategy, CGIAR long term funding, CGIAR meeting schedule, CGIAR NGO Committee, CGIAR Oversight Committee, CGIAR Private Sector Committee, CGIAR restructuring, CGIAR Science Partnership Committee, CGIAR Steering Group, CGIAR streamlining, CIAT external review, Climate change, GRPC, HIV/AIDS, IARC collaboration with NARS, IARC germplasm under FAO auspices, Integrated natural resource management, International Undertaking on Plant Genetic Resources, Interspecific crosses of rice, King Baudouin Award, Multilateral system for germplasm, Plant breeding methodologies, Plant genetic resources, Synthesis Group, TAC vision statement, WARDA

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