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Agenda 21, Agroforestry, Bananas, CGIAR agenda, CGIAR committees, CGIAR Finance Committee, CGIAR financial constraints, CGIAR five year funding projections, CGIAR meeting schedule, CGIAR Oversight Committee, CGIAR procedures, CGIAR review of MTPs, CGIAR rice research strategy, CGIAR structure, CIFOR ICRAF relations, CIFOR Medium Term Plan, CIMMYT external review, Environment, Forestry, Human resources capacity development, IBPGR Medium Term Plan, ICARDA Medium Term Plan, ICLARM Medium Term Plan, ICRAF external review, ICRAF Medium Term Plan, IFPRI Medium Term Plan, ILCA external review, ILCA ILRAD merger, ILCA Medium Term Plan, ILRAD external review, ILRAD Medium Term Plan, ILRI, INIBAP, INIBAP Medium Term Plan, Intellectual property rights, Intercenter review, International Nutrition Conference, IRRI external review, IRRI Medium Term Plan, Livestock strategy, Natural resource management, Plant genetic resources, Plantains, Rice, Rice in Africa, Soil management, TAC priorities recommendations, UNCED, WARDA external review, WARDA Medium Term Plan, Water management, INIBAP IBPGR merger

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