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CGIAR Oversight Committee, CGIAR meeting 2000/10, Bottom up priority setting, CBC, CDC, CGIAR change management, CGIAR federation, CGIAR Finance Committee, CGIAR financial procedures, CGIAR financial strategy, CGIAR governance, CGIAR long term funding, CGIAR ministerial meeting, CGIAR multiyear commitments, CGIAR new funding sources, CGIAR organization, CGIAR public awareness activities, CGIAR regional approach, CGIAR research agenda setting, CGIAR restructuring, CGIAR Secretariat, CGIAR streamlining, CGIAR structure, CGIAR TAC secretariats merger, Competitive grants, Future Harvest, Genetic resources funding, Global public goods, IARC accountability, IARC autonomy, IARC board size, IARC consolidation, IARC intercenter collaboration, Synthesis Group, TAC external review, TAC Secretariat, TAC terms of reference

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